Saturday, August 3, 2013


dude it's been awhile that i haven't posted anything on my blog. it seems like i have been too busy with my life. i've been through a very hard time you now.. my life is just went too sucks to be accepted. but by having to face that things, i have learned a lot. i've turned to be matured enough somehow.. is that so???? haha i don't know. i can't judge myself. you can't judge myself. no ones even can. but i knew that i have changed. everything have went upside-down. i'm trying to fix everything right. want it to be as great as beautiful as before. can't things just be wonderful and good??? i hope that i'm strong enough to go through with my life. and i am really wish that somehow someday i had a very wonderful happy life ever!

later ! ;)

p/s: excuse for my broken english. i'm learning tho ;) 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

superBowling !

okay. assalamualaikum.
sebenarnye takde ape sgt nak citer. haha. padahal dlm hati tamak nk update sekali due cter, tp lg satu tu malas plak. so, pendek kan cerite, tadi g main bowling. and saye kalah dgn due org kawan sy ni.poyo betul mereka ni. abdullah and syazwan. tapi at least, saye dah reti maen. huhe -.-